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The Early Church

The Early Church

Annie Cain, Founder

Bishop Oree Broomfield

Bishop Oree Broomfield

Our Legacy


On Saturday, October 23, 1926, Reverend James Douglas sought the assistance of two elderly Christian women, Sisters Annie Cain and Amelia Harris, to set up the first local mission of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church.  The very next day, October 24, 1926 the first service was held in a small storefront building on Hull Street owned by Sister Harris.

The congregation of Asbury Methodist Church decided to relocate and the decision was made to purchase the Asbury properties at 1900 Everett Street in 1927. Under Rev. R.E. Carter, the new church became Williams Temple Christian Methodist Episcopal Church in honor of Rev. R.S. Williams who was bishop at that time.

On February 3, 1963, under the pastorship of Rev. W.H. Pugh, the church moved from the Everett Street location and moved to the Decatur location.  They merged with Decatur Street Methodist Church to become Williams Temple C.M.E. Church.

In 1987, under the pastorship of Rev. P.G. Kemp, it was voted to purchase the Asbury United Methodist Church properties at 609 Jefferson Davis Highway.  In August 1989 the church family moved to the new facility and changed the church name to Broomfield Christian Methodist Episcopal Church in honor of Bishop Oree Broomfield, Sr.

Since 1926, several bishops, presiding elders, and pastors have served Williams Temple and  subsequently Broomfield Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, each contributing to the spiritual and financial growth of the church.  With God's continued guidance, the church will not cease to grow.

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